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preliminary prospectus red herring: What is a red herring prospectus?

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SEC regulators often request additional material to be included in the prospectus, which ensures that the document provides as much transparency as possible. Thomas J Catalano is a CFP and Registered Investment Adviser with the state of South Carolina, where he launched his own financial advisory firm in 2018. Thomas’ experience gives him expertise in a variety of areas including investments, retirement, insurance, and financial planning. If you are interested in investing in an IPO, you will have to conduct deeper analysis and research to make the right investment choice. The Red Herring Prospectus can be your one-stop source for finding out the most about the company.

A red herring prospectus must also include information about the management and current major shareholders. It also states that the underlying securities can be sold only after the registration becomes effective. This disclaimer is printed on the cover page of the preliminary prospectus in red bold letters, the name red herring is derived from this requirement. A DRHP can be used by companies when they are planning to raise equity funds for future investments in their business activities or when they are planning to sell shares. Regulation 51 A provides that the disclosure made in the red herring prospectus while making and initial public offer, shall be updated on an annual basis by the issuer and shall be made publicly accessible in the manner specified by the Board.


Potential investors can also find them on the chosen merchant banker’s website. Marshall Hargrave is a stock analyst and writer with 10+ years of experience covering stocks and markets, as well as analyzing and valuing companies. Adam Hayes, Ph.D., CFA, is a financial writer with 15+ years Wall Street experience as a derivatives trader. Besides his extensive derivative trading expertise, Adam is an expert in economics and behavioral finance.

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If shares are being sold or liquidated by management (also known as “insiders”), there may be a financial issue with the business. The Preliminary Prospectus geared for finance is the first offering document provided by the Issuer of the securities and describes the relevant details of the business and the respective transaction in question. The final prospectus is comprised of all finalized background information including the precise number of shares/certificates issued and the offering price, which is printed after the offering has been made effective. Let us check how such information is disclosed in the Red Herring Prospectus of Twitter, Inc.

How does red herring prospectus help investors in evaluating the attractiveness of an IPO Mint – Mint

How does red herring prospectus help investors in evaluating the attractiveness of an IPO Mint.

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The in in a preliminary prospectus can include a company’s plan, the intended use of funds, financial statements, and details regarding management. Once the registration statement becomes effective, the company disseminates a final prospectus that contains the final IPO price and issue size. The minimum period between a registration statement filing and its effective date is 15 days. A red herring prospectus may refer to the first prospectus filed with the SEC as well as a variety of subsequent drafts created prior to obtaining approval for public release.

Draft Red Herring Prospectus?

A preliminary prospectus is often accompanied by a roadshow, wherein a company tries to build interest in their offering. A preliminary prospectus is released prior to any official offer becoming effective. The document states that a registration statement has been filed with the SEC but is not yet effective.

An investor must know whether the company will be utilising the capital for further expansion, paying off debt or towards any other goal. Thus, a DRHP is a crucial document for investors and companies that can be a significant tool in helping to attract more investors for the company’s IPO and can help investors make the best choices. The prospectus includes all the pertinent information about a company, such as the market potential of its products and services. It is a condensed prospectus that must nonetheless include accurate data related to the issuer’s finances, risk factors, usage of the proceeds from the issue, and other pertinent information. Public issue of equity shares of the face value of $10 each of Thomas Ltd. for cash at a price of $ per equity share, including a share premium of $ per equity share aggregating $ .

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Adam received his master’s in economics from The New School for Social Research and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in sociology. He is a CFA charterholder as well as holding FINRA Series 7, 55 & 63 licenses. He currently researches and teaches economic sociology and the social studies of finance at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. You can find RHPs on the Securities and Exchange board of India’s (SEBI’s) website under the filings section. It is impression as a whole not each statement that may give false impression.

For their offer, call bids from investors, and based on the bids obtained, they gather all the information and then arrive at an offer price. CapitalizationThe capitalization section outlines the company’s current cap table, which frequently consists of early-stage investors such as venture capital firms and growth equity shops. That said, the general purpose of the red herring preliminary prospectus is to “test the waters” and make adjustments as needed.

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60 B of the 1956 Act envisaged filling of information memorandum, red-herring prospectus and final prospectus whereas section 32 of the 2103 Act only envisages filing of red-herring prospectus and final prospectus. An RHP document comprises additional details of the issue, the number of shares offered and the face value. The DRHP of a company is available on the official websites of the issuing company, Sebi, merchant bankers and stock exchanges.

A preliminary prospectus is a first draft registration statement that a firm files prior to proceeding with an initial public offering of their securities. The document, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission , is intended to provide pertinent information to prospective shareholders about the company’s business, managers, strategic initiatives, financial statements, and ownership structure. The preliminary prospectus solicits expressions of interest in the new issue. An initial prospectus filed by a company with the regulator, usually in connection with its initial public offering , is known as a red herring. Information related to the operations of a company is contained in the red herring prospectus. A red herring prospectus does not consist of information about the price of securities, the number of securities to be issued, and the amount of issue.

A preliminary prospectus red herring proposing to issue a red herring prospectus shall file it with registrar at least three days prior to the opening of the subscription list and the offer. DRHP, a legal preliminary prospectus, serves as a crucial communication link between the company and its investors and stakeholders. When RHP’s registration with RoC becomes effective, a final prospectus which contains IPO price and issue size is released. The purpose of the registration statement is to give investors more transparency into a newly-public company, which helps protect them from fraud and misleading claims.


The term “red herring” is thus derived from the bold disclaimer in red on the cover page of the preliminary prospectus. At the same time, it informs the investor that the company has filed for an IPO. A full prospectus provides investors with in-depth information about the company, including financial statements and risk factors for the business.

A red herring prospectus includes less detailed information than a full prospectus to give investors an idea if they want to invest in the company. An offering circular should not be confused with a red herring or preliminary prospectus. The red herring is issued during the IPO process and is intended to generate interest in the new issue.

From there, you can get an idea of how a firm has been performing financially in the past. It will also give you an idea of the company’s dividend declaration based on its profits. The minimum period between the filing of a Registration and its effective date is 20 days, called the “cooling-off period.” The SEC can deem the registration “deficient” in which case registration does not become effective until the deficiencies are corrected. The SEC does not approve the securities registered with it, does not pass on the investment merits, nor guarantee the accuracy of the statements within the registration statement or prospectus.

Interest payments vary, and Private Offerings of debt may vary to pay interest, for example, monthly, bi-annually or yearly, or even at maturity. A prospectus is needed for issuing debt, this way an investor can make an educated decision about investing. This would include the drafting of the preliminary and/or final prospectus, or any other required documents, such as the private placement memorandum, or legal agreements and/or opinion letters from our attorneys. A red herring prospectus is filed with the SEBI but is issued to potential investors who are aiming to invest in the shares during the IPO. The red herring prospectus is shared among a select number of institutional investors who will provide feedback to the company and its team of advisors specializing in the equity capital markets. The red herring, also known as the preliminary prospectus, provides potential investors — mostly institutional investors — with the details surrounding a company’s upcoming IPO.

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The director or a person who has authorized himself to be named as a director of the company at the time of issue of prospectus or the promoter of company. The company although coming up with red-herring prospectus in which they are required to mention quantum of price can be held liable for criminal and civil wrong if the company has given mis-statement in the red-herring prospectus. A red-herring prospectus shall carry the same obligations as are applicable to a prospectus and any variation between the red herring prospectus and a prospectus shall be highlighted as variations in the prospectus.

You will get to know how the company has been able to generate profits in the past – the strategies they use, such as geographic strategies, marketing strategies, and product-level strategies. An issuing company needs to make an announcement of the upcoming IPO in newspapers once it has submitted its RHP to SEBI. The wording can be, and usually is, slightly different with each individual filing.

  • There are two type of equity offerings that are most common, private and public.
  • Dividend PolicyThe dividend policy section will summarize the company’s current dividend policy and future plans for issuing dividends to shareholders, which can influence the type of investors participating in the offering.
  • It gives its observations to the merchant bankers, who make the required changes and file the final offer document with Sebi, the ROC and stock exchanges.

The role of the merchant banker, in this case, is to take care of the legal compliance issues and ensure that prospective investors are aware and kept in the loop of public issue. After the approval from Sebi, Registrar of Companies , and the stock exchanges — Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange , the DRHP converts into a Red Herring Prospectus which is also known as ‘final prospectus’. The red herring is a preliminary prospectus that comes before the S-1 and is circulated during the initial “quiet period” before the registration has become official with the SEC. However, the document is kept confidential between a limited number of parties (e.g. SEC, M&A advisors, prospective institutional investors) as the IPO details are not yet finalized at the time.


Also, you can find out records of dividend declaration on equities of the company, if applicable. As a potential investor, you should know the factors that separate the issuing company from its competitors. Pilot fishing is a type of pre-marketing of an IPO that involves testing investor sentiment to get feedback on how the market may respond to an issue. Information in a red herring is subject to change and the SEC merely ensures all proper information is disclosed. Khadija Khartit is a strategy, investment, and funding expert, and an educator of fintech and strategic finance in top universities. She has been an investor, entrepreneur, and advisor for more than 25 years.

Our team writes prospectuses for all types of business and industries, worldwide. Writing or creating prospectus is one of the first items a company undertakes when seeking to raise capital for their business. An offering prospectus is a formal legal document that is required to raise capital and if going public of conducting a public listing a requirement.

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